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The Principal’s Desk


The Principal

Prof.Dr.(Smt.) Meena Kumari

We We should realize the verse frequently mentioned by Swami Vivekananda: "Arise awake and stop not till the goal is achieved".
Above mentioned quotation is our motto for a successful life. It is our collective responsibility to maintain quality and standards of education in this "Institution”.

My warm hearted and pleasant welcome to the teaching and non-teaching staff of our College as well as the visitors of this website. I am grateful for the trust of the members for giving me this opportunity. There is an urgent need to shatter the load of our orthodox beliefs and biased values to promote gender sensibility. Both the gender need to take stand at their own level to support and promote the upliftment and wellness of their own and opposite gender so as to overcome any sort of harassment. Modernage opens up many opportunities and responsibilities along with freedom. Freedom and responsibilities are a package deal. In addition to that, there is a need of awareness of the values which guide our actions.
We should be careful in this age because the modern civilization produces a complex and artificial environment. The suicidal tendency is on rise. The doctrine of sound mind in sound body has never been contested. To meet these challenges, I as the Principal of this Institution strive to undertake those progressive and productive activities which would model the College on "Wealth is gone nothing is gone, Health is gone something is gone, Character is gone everything is gone."
I want to promote true intellectual tradition on democratic principle.

I am totally against pressure tactics within the campus. It can be realized through Internal Quality Assessment Cell (IQAC). I shall be thankful to all the well-wishers who will add a dimension to this venture and I also cordially invite all who want to help us in shaping the future of the young generation of our Country.

Further adding the above the implication of N.E.P. (New education policy) is going to act as a benchmark in keeping the students engaged and lemon fresh with the subject material. Progressive recap, tests and exams on a shorter period will keep a detailed perspective of the contents in student’s mind .I think this a very affirmative initiative and proper ground level implication will certainly call up a grand thrust in quality and stability in the field of education. Looking forward to it…..

Another important recent phenomenon that I want to take inconsideration is the bad time we are in due to the pandemic that has fallen upon us. It has definitelyimpacted all the segments of our society and the whole humanity as well.

We need to give it a tough fight back altogether by abiding by the COVID protocols and regular updates provided to us by different top level government bodies who are working tirelessly days and nights to understand and come with solutions to save our souls. I heartily thank and applaud all our frontline workers and everyone who is playing his part to fight and come over this pandemic for a brighter tomorrow.